Category: Children's Book

Client: University of Memphis (student project)



Spreads and original poem from a children's book inspired by a personal memory of playing in the snow.


Each spread was created by scanning scrapbook paper and then cutting, layering, and coloring the spreads in Photoshop.

"The Memory Will Last"

Through frosted, frigid window panes,

We saw sparkling waves of snow.

Like blankets made of fallen stars,

The ground did seem to glow.


Outside we went to calm our hands,

Which longed to feel the flakes.

Protruding tongues were soon about,

To satisfy our taste.


The chill that wondrous winter day,

Was nothing short of bittersweet.

And though it danced upon our toes,

It could not still our eager feet.


Like penguins in our many layers,

We tottered as we strolled.

Our footprints marking what seemed to be,

A blank and endless road.


Towering trees surrounding us,

We journeyed through the deepest ditches.

Searching for the perfect spot,

To enjoy our icy riches.


Grabbing handfuls in our gloves,

We scooped the mounds of snow.

Tossing and kneading the glistening flour,

We formed a heavenly dough.


Tightly packing it into walls,

We enclosed ourselves in pouches.

Resting from our weary work,

We relaxed on arctic couches.


After many hours in our dwelling,

We traveled back to our abode.

Happy from the many hours,

Of joy the day had shown.


So long it's been since days like that,

When my sisters and I could play!

One no longer wants to roam,

And the other's moved away.


But though we may not get the chance

To recreate the past,

I know that always in my heart

The memory will last.